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our-story   Something was missing.  The music you could hear on the radio wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.  Where had all the good songs gone and why wasn’t anyone playing them? Before recording studios became regimented and radio stations corporate there was a different sound.  It was pure and soulful.  You could actually hear the lyrics of songs and feel the emotion of the artist.  And the music had rhythm…. rhythm that made you move and want to dance.  Where was THAT music?  Had someone locked it up and put it away.   Had “Big brother” decided you couldn’t hear this music played back to back. That if you dared played it on a radio station who knows what might happen? It wasn’t safe for the soul. Well, we think that’s crazy talk.  Not safe for the soul?  Who are they kidding, it unleashes the soul! And with that…we were on a mission.  A mission to bring Southern Soul and Old Skool back to the radio…to find and play the songs that ignite the soul! We’re Beach Boogie and Blues and we thank you for listening and helping us spread the word.  Oh we dared ….…..Southern Soul and Old Skool are back baby! Read more about the radio station here….. The Station If you, or your parents, grew up from the late 50’s through mid 70’s you’ve heard Southern Soul and Old Skool played on AM radio stations, on 45’s and tapes or performed live in clubs.  It’s a unique sound born in the South and these days you can hear it 24/7 on Eastern North Carolina’s “Beach, Boogie and Blues Radio! Our broadcasting studios and offices are located in Greenville, New Bern and Jacksonville NC.  You can hear us on a host of over the air radio signals including 1070 WNCT-AM, 95.7 fm in New Bern, 101.1 fm in Jacksonville, 105.9 fm in Greenville and anywhere anytime at BeachBoogieandBlues.com.  Our total over the air signals cover an estimated 500,000 people.  We’re proud to serve and call Eastern North Carolina home. Early History of the Station: The history of the station dates back to 1963 when Roy H. Park, owner of WNCT-TV bought WGTC, Greenville's oldest radio station. At that time the station broadcast at 5,000 watts of power at 1590 AM. After buying the station the call letters were changed to WNCT and an FM signal at 107.9 was added. Eventually the AM frequency was moved to 1070 and power increased to 10,000 watts. For many years the station broadcast nostalgia then a news talk format. Beasley Broadcasting Buys WNCT - In 1996 the Beasley Broadcast Group purchased the station. In addition to 1070 WNCT the Beasley Broadcast Group also owns 107.9 WNCT-FM, 101.9 WIKS, 99.5 WXNR, 103.3 WMGV and 106.5 WSFL in Eastern North Carolina. 1070 WNCT-AM Gets a Big Boost in Power- In 2006, WNCT increased its daytime power to 50,000 watts which gave the station one of the largest AM signals in the Carolinas and the in North Carolina to broadcast in high definition or HD. Launch of the Beach, Boogie and Blues Format– In 2009 the station took on a whole news sound.  It’s Beach Boogie and Blues…a North Carolina Original.  In late 2013 and early 2014 three FM signals were added so that you could hear Beach Boogie and Blues in stereo on 95.7 in New Bern, 101.1 in Jacksonville and 105.9 in Greenville.  If you have a high definition radio you can also hear Beach Boogie and Blues on 106.5 HD2 and 103.3 HD2. Specialty Shows - A very important part of our radio station are the specialty shows you can hear on the weekends.  These shows are hosted by DJ’s that like you….LOVE Beach Boogie and Blues.  In addition to these shows we proudly carry ECU play by play baseball and the Sunday morning First Presbyterian Church service on 1070 WNCT in Greenville . For Listeners - We hope you are enjoying the station. For us, it’s a true labor of love!  You can help us by joining the club, liking us on Facebook, signing our guestbook and helping us spread the word to your friends and potential advertisers.  Us Southern Soul and Old Skool fans got to stick together! For Advertisers - We know you have a lot of advertising options and we thank you for considering advertising on our station.  We strive to make is super easy….super easy to advertise and super easy for local businesses just like yours to get results. Call us 252-633-1500 or email BSimel@Curtismedia.com and we’ll show you how easy and effective it is.  It works and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. About Beasley In 1961 George Beasley, a high school principal in Eastern North Carolina built a small AM radio station in nearby Benson NC. From this humble start George Beasley fell in love with local radio and began to acquire additional stations all with the goal of super serving listeners, advertisers and communities with radio tailored to local needs and tastes. Today the Beasley Broadcast group owns and operates 42 radio stations, six right here in the ENC. The same creed to super serve our local listeners, advertiser and communities is still very much our mission. It's local radio done right.