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Giant Humpback Whale Found Swimming In The Neuse River In Kinston

07/03/2017 at 12:00 | Posted by webmaster

Source: As reported by BBBBFN

Kinston, North Carolina - A giant humpback whale has been found swimming in the Neuse River in Kinston, North Carolina!  "It’s very unusual for a whale to swim up a river on its way to the tropics but this guy sure has," said Red Brule, a famous whale scientist with Oceanography Institute of Harker’s Island (OIH).  "The species can grow up to 52 feet in length and weigh as much as 79,000 pounds!  I’m estimating this one to be 50 feet in length and weigh near a record 80,000 pounds!” said the excited Brule.  Humpback whales are known for leaping into the air and singing loud songs.  Your Kinston whale has a deep register,” added fellow OIH scientist Megan Beach. Hes got rhythm and sounds a lot like Barry White, commented one onlooker.  

Scientists report that the whale is in perfect health and just seems to be enjoying himself.  To keep the whale in good spirits the town of Kinston has set up a sound system and is blasting “Beach Boogie and Blues,” Kinston’s new soul radio station found at 102.9 WELS FM.   “Look at him!  He loves the music!” added one of the thousands of bystanders. Local business leaders are excited about the marketing opportunities presented by the whale and the new radio station! Keep it on Beach Boogie and Blues for this developing story. 

Source: BBBBFN reporters are now on the scene following this breaking fake news story.