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4 Calming Apps That’ll Help You Relax

04/07/2017 at 10:19 | Jena Marie // Freelance Writer
Photo Credit: Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Overwhelming days can take a toll on us; whether it be on the job, at school or even when parenting. Most of the time, we aren't always able to find easy accessible ways to help us relieve that tension right then and there or even once the day is over. Meanwhile, a simple solution is right in our hands! Using apps to help you relax can be more beneficial than you'd think, so why not give them a try yourself and see? Here are four free apps, for Android and iOS that can help you relax.


Ever wanted to learn how to meditate? Then Headspace is what you should download, ASAP. Being able to suit your lifestyle so you're able to meditate and relax when necessary for you. https://www.headspace.com/headspace-meditation-app  

Relax Melodies

Remember that trip you took to the beach and hearing those sounds of waves relaxed you in ways you never thought of? No? Well, uh just imagine that trip then. With this app, you can hear that sound and many other nature sounds whenever you'd like! When needing to sleep, wanting to clock out mentally on your work break, anytime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTgXK1j_hzg/  


If you take the Headspace app and the Relax Melodies app, smush it together into one smaller app, you'd have this app. ( Sheesh, how many times was the word 'app' used in this sentence?) https://www.calm.com/  

Let's Create! Pottery

Now, if you're looking for a different way to relax; a more unique way, then you will probably love this app. Let's Create! Pottery allows you to create your own pottery as a special way to relax and de-stress. I'd say it's definitely worth a download. Try at least one of these calming apps and see if they transform your hectic day!   Jena Marie is the kind of writer that after reading an article, it'll make you accidentally ask "Wanna go out for drinks?"